• Building Inclusive Communities

    31 Dec, 2015

    Marian shares the founding narrative of Arts Connect International at the Building Inclusive Communities (BIC) Conference by UMass Boston.

  • 64 Days Deep: 2 Months & 2 Days in America

    09 Nov, 2014

    This blog shares learning points Marian has experienced since returning to Boston 64 days ago. The three core narratives are titled: 1) HIV testing: Why would you be at risk? 2) False inclusion: Reinforcement of systemic racism, and 3) Social Entrepreneur: You will always be ten steps behind. This is the final blog in the series, “Many Moons in Malawi”.

  • Apartheid & Art

    15 Aug, 2014

    Marian continues exploring the theme of race, looking at apartheid and the role of art in advocacy while visiting the South African National Gallery in Cape Town, exploring the exhibition "Brave New World: 20 Years of Democracy".

Marian Taylor Brown

Welcome to Marian Taylor Brown’s artist website. Marian the Executive Director and Founder of Arts Connect International. She identifies as a studio artist, educator, and inclusive practices advocate. Her work focuses on utilizing art as a mechanism to both build and support inclusive learning communities. Marian investigates art as a means for catharsis, process, and product. 

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